The Civil Divorce®

The Sensible Approach to a New Life

Want your divorce to take forever, drive you insane and cost a ton of money?

Not likely. What you probably want is to get what you deserve, keep your dignity, and get on with your life.

I practice “the civil divorce,” an approach that incorporates my belief that all options should be explored before running off to court. The only people who urge you to wage a court war are those who’ve never been through it or those who stand to make a lot of money if you do. Avoid these people, and please read on…

How My Practice is Different

Limited to Mass. Divorce Law

Most lawyers practice in several areas. But my practice is limited to Massachusetts divorce law. It’s not something I dabble in. By limiting my practice, I can improve my expertise and increase efficiency.

Fixed Fees/Payment plans

Most divorce lawyers charge by the hour. All time spent—on phone calls,      e-mails, everything—is billed. It adds up fast, and you have no idea what your total cost will be.

I offer a fixed fee, up front and in writing. No unpleasant surprises, no uncertainty. And I’m happy to work with you on a payment plan. For more information, see the page “Questions About Fees.”

Options: which path is best for you?

Maybe your divorce is uncontested, or maybe you just need some help along the way. Would mediation be a good route for you? Or do you prefer full-time divorce services? My practice offers you all these options.

A personal note…

Dan Dalton Divorce AttorneyI’ve tried to make this site simple and informative. I hope you find it helpful. If you’d like to discuss anything, please e-mail or call me. Whatever you decide, I wish you the best.


Dan Dalton