Full-Service Divorce

You may decide that what’s best for you is the “traditional approach,” where you each hire a lawyer. You and the lawyer work together with the goal of resolving the matter as quickly as possible.

Despite the increasing number of people taking non-traditional paths to divorce, the full-service arrangement is still the most common. With a full-time lawyer, you have someone who will:

  • advise you on your rights
  • negotiate with your spouse’s lawyer
  • answer your questions
  • represent you in court.

What is the “civil divorce?”

If “civil” sounds wimpy, it’s not. It’s simply an approach designed to get you divorced while keeping your dignity.

Many people still believe that the best divorce lawyer should be an obnoxious shark. Don’t you believe it. “Civility is not a sign of weakness.” (JFK)

The civil divorce is the smart divorce. You’ll settle everything much faster with a measured approach. No dirty tricks, name calling, or foot dragging. So even if you’re not feeling particularly cordial, always remind yourself that this path will help you get what you deserve and get on with your life.