Mediation can provide you with an alternative to adversarial divorce. It can also be relatively inexpensive. There’s a simple reason for this: people who mediate tend to be the ones looking to resolve matters quickly and fairly.

As a trained mediator, I can help you conduct your own settlement talks without getting derailed. And unlike court, mediation is private and confidential.

When I mediate, I’m not the lawyer for either of you. I’m a neutral party helping you reach a solution that you each believe is fair for your particular situation.

When you do reach a settlement, I’ll prepare the divorce agreement, and urge you to consult with an independent lawyer to review it. Finally, I’ll prepare all the other papers needed to get a date to complete your divorce.

7 Benefits of Mediation

1. Less expensive
If (and that’s a big “if”) mediation is right for both of you, it will be far less expensive than a court-involved divorce.

2. Faster
Many mediated divorces are settled in a few sessions. Compare this with the months that are commonly involved in a court divorce.

3. Private
Court is a public forum. The most intimate aspects of your life can be aired. On the other hand, mediation sessions are private, letting you preserve your sanity and dignity.

4. Children
Mediation can benefit your whole family. You know what’s best for your own children. Studies show that a civil approach helps children recover better from the stress of divorce. A mediated divorce can make for better parents and happier children.

5. Flexibility
You’re able to choose the times to meet, and to do it on your schedule,   not the court’s.

6. Control
(This is a big one.) Mediation allows you to control the decisions that affect you most. The adversarial process of court issimply not designed to give you control.

7. Success
Unlike couples who battle and are forced to accept a judge’s decision, with a mediated settlement you’re far less likely to return to court with future disputes. Mediation is simply a more civil and respectful approach to resolving your differences and moving on with your life.

Is mediation for you?

  • Do you want to be divorced, or at least believe that divorce is inevitable?
  • Do you really want to participate in mediation?
  • Do you know the value of compromising?
  • Do you truly want to settle your divorce?
  • Do you have a full grasp of the family finances?
  • Can you and your spouse discuss matters calmly and rationally?

Be honest. If you answered “no” to any of these, you may be wasting your time and money with mediation.

Also, don’t consider mediation only to save money. Yes, it’s usually less expensive. But unless you’re both good candidates for mediation, it could be more time-consuming and expensive than hiring your own lawyer from the outset.